Sun Protection

Sun Protection

Female wearing sunglassesIn today’s world we all know about the importance of protecting our eyes from the sun’s harmful ultra violet rays (UV rays).  UV rays cannot only damage your eyes, but can also contribute to cataracts and macular generation. 

When selecting sunglasses make sure to look for labels that provide UV protection details.  The term you want to look for is UV400.  This is a standard that ensures that 100% of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays are being blocked.

It is important to understand that the tint itself, no matter of the colour, has nothing to do with protecting your eyes.  The tint blocks light, but not harmful UV rays.  Equally important is the fit of the sunglasses.  Good fitting sunglasses should fit fairly close to the face, thus not allowing light in from other angles other than the lens.

Which Lens Colour is Best?

Different sunglass lens tints and coloursGrey - For general use, grey sunglass tints are the most popular.  Grey tints are neutral, meaning that they will not distort colours.  These are perfect for bright sunny conditions.

Amber or Brown – These tints are brighter than grey.  They can improve contrast and depth perception.  These tints are especially effective on an overcast or slightly cloudy day.  Generally these tints give you the best all-round choice for variable conditions.

Yellow – Yellow tints improve contrast and make things sharper.  They are excellent for lower light, overcast, and hazy conditions.

Rose - Rose tints also improve contrast.  Rose lenses are soft on the eyes and many individuals find them the most comfortable when wearing sunglasses for an extended period of time.