Eyeglasses Buying Guide

Buying Guide

Eyeglasses have changed a great deal over the last 20 years.  They have gone from a medical device to a fashion accessory.   There are now so many choices when buying new eyeglasses that it can seem a little bit overwhelming.

Here are five simple tips on how to choose the perfect pair of eyeglasses:


1. Match Your Style

Select eyeglasses that match your personal style.   Here you want to consider frame materials and colours.  If you want a bold look consider colourful plastic frames.  If your style is more conservative and refined, look for frames made with sleek metals or semi-rimless designs.


2. Know Your Face Shape

You want to select eyeglasses that balance your facial features.   The key point here is: opposites attract.  This means the shape of your eyeglasses should contrast the shape of your face.

If your face shape is round: wear square or rectangle shapes

If your face shape is oval: wear square or rectangle shapes

If your face shape is square: wear oval or rounded and shapes that soften angles

If your face shape is heart: wear oval or rounded shapes that balance the face


3. Consider Size and Proportion

It is important to make sure that the size of the eyeglasses is in proportion with the size of your face.  You want to make sure that your eyes are centered in the lenses, as well as the width of the frame matches the width of your face.


4. Know Your Prescription

Certain eyeglass prescriptions will fit better into certain eyeglass frames. 

Progressive and bifocal lenses will need a frame that has a deep enough lens (deep meaning the top to bottom measurement).  This will allow for the lens to perform properly for you.

Strong eyeglass prescriptions, especially those with high minus measurements, will work best with smaller lens shapes.   This will help avoid thick edges on your lenses.


5. Consider Your Lifestyle

The things you do in your life can impact what type of eyeglasses you need.  

If you work at a computer all day you may want to consider a pair of office progressives or computer glasses, which are specially designed for the office workplace.  

If you’re active and into sports you may consider sport specific eyewear with polycarbonate lenses.  This type of eyewear will be rugged, impact resistant, and fit you well in high movement situations. 

If you want the convenience of sunglasses with your prescription, consider photochromic lenses, which will turn into sunglasses or a second pair of prescription sunglasses.


Our sales team will work with you to help you select eyeglasses that not only look great, but work great as well.