Tips for Choosing Sunglasses Tints

The colours of the lenses in sunglasses filter light in different ways.  The two most popular sunglass lens tints are brown(bronze) and grey.  We look at these sunglass tints so you can decide which is best for you.




Grey Tinted Reading SunglassesGrey is the most common tint for sunglasses.  Grey is a neutral tint, meaning it blocks all colours evenly, which allows you to still see colours in their natural form.  Grey tints also reduce brightness and glare.  Grey is the best tint if you will be in full sun situations.  Also, if your eyes are very sensitive to bright sunlight, this will be the best option for you.





Bronze Tint Reading SunglassesBronze and brown sunglass lens tints have a bright look and feel to them when compared to sunglasses with a grey tint.  Brown and bronze lens tints reduce glare and block blue light, allowing them to brighten your vision on a slightly overcast or  cloudy day.  Bronze and brown sunglass tints also improve contrast and depth perception.  Overall, brown or bronze is a great choice for varied sunlight conditions.




One important thing to understand about sunglass lens tints is that tint of a sunglass lens has absolutley no impact on sun protection.  That is to say, tint, or colour, does not block the harmful UV rays of the sun that you need protection from.  Regardless of the tint you wear, make the lenses are blocking 100% UVA and UVB rays.  To learn more about UV protection in sunglasses, read our web page on the Importance of Sun Protection


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