About Our Lenses

About Our Lenses

All our lenses are made in our own optical laboratory.   This means we are in complete quality control of what we offer and are able to provide you with the latest advances in lens technology to improve your vision.   This also means that we are able to offer you quality lenses at affordable prices by avoiding the middleman.  Factory direct pricing saves you money.

All of our two pair value offers include high-quality basic lenses.   Additional lens features and options can be added to give you exactly what you’re looking for, while saving you money.


Progressive Lenses

We offer a wide range of progressive lens options, from high quality basic progressives to the latest in digital lens technology.  Progressive lenses start from $50 per pair.


Thinner and Lighter Lenses

Higher index lenses provide you with thinner and lighter weight lenses.  For individuals with strong prescriptions, high index lenses provide a more attractive and comfortable fit.  Thinner lenses start from $40 per pair.


Scratch Resistant Hard Coat

Eyeglass lenses are not scratch resistant.  Adding a scratch resistant hard coat will make the surface of the your lenses much harder and resistant to scratching.  Add anti-scratch coating from $20 per pair.


Anti-reflective Coating

Anti-reflective (AR) coating eliminates reflections from the front and back of lenses.  AR coatings eliminate glare, allowing you better vision for things like driving at night, using a computer, and reading.  Add anti-reflective and anti-scratch coating from $40 per pair. 



With our affordable pricing having a pair of prescription sunglasses is affordable.  Choose your frame and choose your tint colour.  Lens tinting including UV400 from $50.


Transition Lenses

Transition lenses automatically darken in sunlight, and then fade back to normal when indoors.   Transition lenses offer you the convenience of not having to carry a second pair of prescription sunglasses.   Transition lenses start from $65.


Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses offer an additional filter that cuts reflected light and glare.   Polarized lenses improve visual comfort, improve contrasting visual clarity, and reduce eyestrain.  Polarized lenses start from $95.